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"Sygt Forelsket"

'20, Alexander Saul, 2024, Denmark

Elias is a patient in a psychiatric ward and New Year’s Eve is approaching. Fantasy and imagination collide with the harsh realities of Elias' young existence in this moving film surrounding notions of mental illness, challenges, and romantic advances.

Starring: Clint Ruben, Sandra Turèll Henningsen, Ellaha Lack, Louis Bodnia Andersen, Marie Lydie, Einar Bredefeldt, Rikke Wölck

Festival selections:

Official selection - Odense Film Festival 2024


Director: Alexander Saul
Producer: Rebecca Pruzan
Executive producers: Hanne Bruun & Kim Magnusson
DoP: Jonatan Mose
Production design: Ellen Leer & Sophie Fuppe
Sound: Mads Hoelmer
Colorist: Emil Grønbæk
Composer: Aria Leth Schütze

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