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"Spring Roll Dream"

'8, Mai Vu, 2022, United Kingdom

Linh is a Vietnamese single mother who’s successfully forged a life for herself and her son in America. But when her father visits from Vietnam and insists on cooking the family a traditional Vietnamese meal, Linh is confronted with the past and culture she left behind and the question of where it belongs in her family’s new life.

Festival selections:
La Cinef - Festival de Cannes 2022
Shortlisted for Student BAFTA Awards 2022
SXSW 2023

Palm Springs International Film Festival 2023
In The Palace 2023
Best Short - Worldwide Women's Film Festival 2023
Best Animation Short - Discover Film Awards

Director: Mai Vu
Writer: Chloe White
Producer: Thijme Grol
DoP: Martyna Jakimowska
Production design: Nathalie Charlotte Carraro
Sound: Carlos San Juan
Composer: Samuel Rapley
Colorist: Karolina Matela

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